May 7th, 2011, (aroundish) 10 a.m. at Duffy’s
Kennebunk May Day Festival
—A bunch of us are just meeting up with our cameras to walk around and see the attractions and the people. There will be hay rides, sidewalk vendors, the farmers market and all the things that make Maine… well, Maine. Check out all the events HERE.

May 14th, 2011, (TBA)
Bug Light Kite Festival, South Portland
—Having our quick bi-weekly meeting to plan out our next events and workshops then take some pictures of kites and kids and families and dogs and whatever else you might find at a park by the ocean.

May 20th, 2011, 9 p.m. @ Jimmy the Greeks
—Chris Sequeira is recent entrepreneur who is starting up his business Epic Event Promotions would love anyone in the area with a camera to help him get some shots of the show “ALL TOGETHER NOW, A Tribute to the Music of the Beatles” at Jimmy the Greeks. Taking pictures of bands in action can be a tricky project for a photographer due to lighting conditions and fast action but that just means a more fun of a challenge! I’ll try to find some links to sites that try to deal with that problem and post them up before the show. All Chris asks for is a digital copy of your best photos that he can use to help his portfolio while you still keep all rights.


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