Kennebunk May Day Festival Photos!

For everyone that got to make it out yesterday for the May Day Festival, there were a lot of unbelievable photo opportunities and we tried to get them all. I posted mine on my Flickr account already. You can get to those and check out our other members photos by hitting the members tab at the top. I know Jess has already posted some of her photos too and they are amazing! If you have a flickr account and want to check out or join the online group, we just started our page. Just look for The f-Stops Here – Southern Maine and feel free to become part of our online community!
Our next get together will be next Saturday, May 14, in South Portland at the Bug Light Kite Festival so mark your calendar and charge your camera batteries. New members or people who just want to come for the day are always welcome.
Current members: Your task for this week is to keep your eyes out for more events or places to go to and write down your ideas for a workshop!

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About F R Martin

I like to relatively free in my writing and often try to write from a perspective of a character that fascinates me. I am starting this page as a place to create, share, and workshop but mostly as a ventilation for my writing that often gets shadowed in the drudging reality of the everyday world.

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