The Japan Earthquake and Us

I know I talked a bit about this at the last meeting and I could tell a few of you were a little skeptical but this article from helps explain it a little better than I could.
The Japan Earthquake – How It Impacts the Photo World
You should check out the Photofocus site and their podcast is really great too. Also, sorry I haven’t been posting as much as I should. Its can be tough with a fuller than full-time job and a semi-dysfunctional life to boot so if anyone else comes across anything they would like to share with the group, please send it my way and I will post it for all.

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I like to relatively free in my writing and often try to write from a perspective of a character that fascinates me. I am starting this page as a place to create, share, and workshop but mostly as a ventilation for my writing that often gets shadowed in the drudging reality of the everyday world.

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