Great new find

Just found a great new site for all you photography lovers out there. Some of these pictures are just amazing and really bring out the artistic side of photography. A lot of these pictures help me remember that sometimes the art of photography cannot just be found with a keen eye and a finger on the button but, like the painter at his easel, a photographer needs to use hands and a variety of skills to manipulate the object to fit the dream of the final outcome.
Check out the site:
The site is also posted in the new links section on the side panel with other great sites that we find so come back anytime and check out the collection. There is also a new members tab at top with links to our members photos. I highly suggest you check those out too! Please remember that the photographs are the sole domain of the photographer and if there are any you really love or want to use all you have to do is send in a request with your email address and I will send your questions on to the right people.

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I like to relatively free in my writing and often try to write from a perspective of a character that fascinates me. I am starting this page as a place to create, share, and workshop but mostly as a ventilation for my writing that often gets shadowed in the drudging reality of the everyday world.

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