Great day for the Photo Club!

For those of you that couldn’t make it to the first meeting today but have shown interest, know that it was a complete success! The Photo Club now has a base core of interested photographers all wanting to better their hobby to the next level… and not only that, we are gonna have A LOT of fun doing it. A few very simple corner stones were established and I can’t wait to see the next building blocks fall in place.

A few things that were discussed were where we are gonna take the club, and it all revolves around helping each other learn, having a workshop after every meeting, and taking a lot of pictures!

We are looking for a list of names for the club so anyone with any ideas please post them. We are looking for something professional and not specific to any town because we will be moving around to different areas to make it easier for all members involved.

Our next meeting is set for April 30th! If you want to participate we will be having a workshop directly after the meeting. The workshop next week is “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”. Go onto Flickr and look for a photo you love, a photo you hate, and a photo that has potential but there is something that strikes you as wrong with it. We will be using laptops and a projector and going over the photos to determine exactly what is making each photo work or not work and then discuss what the options are that could have been done differently. The meeting after that, we will be trying to get out and take some pictures as a group so make sure you get in the action now!

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I like to relatively free in my writing and often try to write from a perspective of a character that fascinates me. I am starting this page as a place to create, share, and workshop but mostly as a ventilation for my writing that often gets shadowed in the drudging reality of the everyday world.

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