First Meeting 4/16/2011

Hello all,
We are gonna have our first meeting Saturday, April 16th at Champions in Biddeford at 3:30. Mark (the owner) says it should be pretty empty cause they only open at 3 and if it’s a nice day we can even have our meeting out on their deck. Basically at this first meeting it will be a collection of thoughts and ideas of what everyone would like to see our do with their own photography and seeing how collaborating as a group might help. Also would like to set down some bi-laws to make every meeting run in a professional manner. Hope to see a good turn out!

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About F R Martin

I like to relatively free in my writing and often try to write from a perspective of a character that fascinates me. I am starting this page as a place to create, share, and workshop but mostly as a ventilation for my writing that often gets shadowed in the drudging reality of the everyday world.

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